Restructuring Practitioner Appointed


The spirit and passion of Italian culture speaks for itself, and this same spirit and passion is engrained in the chefs who work endlessly to prep and serve the pasta with deliver so we choose to keep our offering diverse yet simple. After all, sometimes less is more. 

Spaghetteria is built on the simple model of fresh is best.

At Spaghetteria, we are adaptable, versatile and accommodating to all dietary requirements – the meat lovers, the gluten intolerant, the vegetarians and the vegans alike. 

Our menu will also see seasonal changes with fresh zucchini pasta bases in summer for those after something a little lighter on those hot summer days.


Restructuring Practitioner Appointed

During the evenings our Italian chefs serve the fresh pasta in six different dishes on our daily changing menu. Like they have been doing their entire lives back in their homeland. The dishes are straightforward and originate in traditional recipes based on fresh products. Dishes that could easily be served in the spaghetterie of Italy itself. Full of flavour and without any ado.


What’s a pasta without a dessert? Spagetteria offers a range of hand made desserts in store, all packaged in individual glass jars ready to take home and devour or even gift to special someone – after all why not honour the somewhat romantic culture that resides in Italy? 


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, we take responsibility in all decisions we make from the flour we use, the production mechanics, the ethics and values of the chefs we engage and of course the fresh ingredients and packaging solutions we deliver. 

This uninhibited way of cooking is also reflected in the waitstaff and atmosphere of Spaghetteria. With enthusiasm, hospitality and a tad of Italian swagger, young people serve the dishes in a vibrant environment.

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