Stefano Sepe

Head Chef

Born and bred in a neighbourhood of Rome and actively involved in the making of the family meals since he was a kid (alongside Nonna of course!) As a young teenager, working in restaurants he realised early on that both food and art were his kind of things!  At the age of 21, he decided that it was time for him to explore, so he moved to Amsterdam. He could not have made a better choice. That mix of different cuisines and flavours opened his mind like nothing else he’s opened before.
After a few years working for some of the best international restaurants in Amsterdam first, then Sydney,  he had again that feeling that something was missing… He felt like he was leaving behind his own culinary culture.
After many ups and downs in many many kitchens, he started asking himself what would have been the thing he could do till his last day in the kitchen?…of course the answer was only one…PASTA!

Nowadays, in between creative sessions in the kitchen, you can find Stefano surfing all around Sydney.

Our Team

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