Here at Spaghetteria…

Our Story

An Italian Chef and a restaurateur found one another through a shared passion for traditional Italian culture and authentically fresh pasta. 

The duo held a shared vision to establish a product that showcased the authenticity, origin and passion that goes into the production of fresh home made pasta dishes. Food made with love, tastes of love! 

From here…. Spaghetteria was born. 

Our kitchen has been created to replicate the traditional ‘Laboratorios’ that were historically located in most Italian villages – the workforce behind pasta production! 

We have created our store to engage our customers on an end to end Italian culture and sensory experience. Aside from the ever enticing aroma’s of freshly cooked pasta and sauces our store designs take you back in time through the history and culture of what Italy is famous for. 

As a result we are more than just Pasta Makers, we are Story Tellers.


The solution is simple – fresh authentic Italian pasta, made by Italians, delivered in Australia. 

  1. We Ignite Culture 
  1. We Honour The Tradition 
  1. We Deliver Authenticity 

Our Team

Stefano Sepe

Born and bred in Rome and actively involved in the making of the family meals since he was a kid (alongside Nonna of course!)

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Ant Whitehouse

“The Conductor” and Director, a self-proclaimed crazy Brit he has managed events for Prime Ministers, a President and…

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